Ghost Master

Ghost Master

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Ghost Master is a strategy game with a difference. Your aim is to build up and control a team of ghosts, and your goal is to scare the humans.

Set in the town of Gravenville, there are number of different scenarios to play, set over a variety of fully 3D environments including the country house, police station and hospital.

Instead of playing with one single character, you build up an entire ghostly team. There are around 50 ghosts in total and each haunter has its own personality, strengths, and weaknesses. As the game develops the characters themselves will develop and grow. What's more, each one has its own unique set of powers - some can make the walls drip with blood while others can cut the lights in the room...

Each time you scare a human or 'mortal', you will increase your plasm; the energy you need to scare them in the first place. Scare them too much and people will flee from the building, which will make your job more difficult.

Ghost Master uses a unique AI engine, which gives the player a sense of natural human behaviour. The mortals will go about their everyday lives; cooking, going to work, arguing with each other... until they encounter the horrors you control! After facing these horrors they will become irrational, afraid, and sometimes even go insane! As well as horror the game also contains elements of humour.

Optional gamepad controller

Ghost Master Key Features:

  • 14 unique scenarios - ghoulish myteries with multiple solutions
  • Over 40 spirit types to command - from horrible phantoms to hordes of spiders
  • Up to 30 separate characters per level for extended gameplay options
  • 11 environments - ghostly atmospheres based on films of classic horror


Hardware Requirements:

Pentium®II 450, with 128 MB RAM. 3D graphics card: ATI Radeon / nVidea GeForce. 640x480 screen. Optional gamepad controller.
Title: Ghost Master
Genre: Strategy, Adventure
Developer: Sick Puppies
Publisher: Strategy First
Released: August 26, 2003
Language: English