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Darkstar One

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The rebirth of the space opera: DarkStar One delivers fast-paced action within a vast and authentic universe, spectacular graphics, freedom of choice, a gripping story and the strength to save the federal galaxy from its nemesis!

Centuries have passed since the intergalactic war. Since then, the races within the known universe have lived more or less in peace with each other. The Great Council watches over the peace and the power of the empires. However, a small race from the edge of the universe called the “Thul” frequently violates this peace.

Skip Jarvis is a young fighter pilot and the player’s alter ego. Hunting his father’s murderer, Skip takes his father’s “DarkStar One” craft on a flight that leads him across the galaxy and into unexpected hazards.

The galactic peace is endangered by the frequent attacks of the Thul and by the threat of a sinister presence that lurks on the horizon. Suspicion almost breaks the Great Council apart. Another war seems inevitable. In all this turmoil, Skip finds clues about his father’s secret. An unknown technology aboard the DarkStar One appears to be the key until an unexpected twist changes the course of events significantly…

Ascaron Entertainment bring their extensive experience of simulated real-world game environments to DarkStar One. The game provides exhilarating and dramatic action, whilst incorporating dynamic populace, economic and military cycles, linking the hundreds of worlds that exist with the simulation of an active, living universe of busy freight traffic, pirate activities, fighter escorts and combat maneuvers. This allows for many gameplay styles – become a pirate, raiding and destroying, or an escort supporting cargo fleets, or a mercenary available to the highest bidder. Alternatively, the player may decide to act as a bounty hunter who brings down pirates. This freedom of choice offers numerous side quests, missions and mysterious artifacts.

DarkStar One sets new graphical standards in explosive, deep-space action. The space ships are intricately designed, and spectacular special effects guarantee a truly galactic, action-packed adventure.

Darkstar One Key Features:

  • The “DarkStar One” is a fully upgradeable space craft – Modify the “DarkStar One” according to gaming preference or mission objectives. Implement new weapons, replace the hull, adjust the armour, exchange hyper-drives… all visually represented. For example, develop the “DarkStar One” into a fast hunter with beam weapons, or a powerful battle ship with heavy cannons, or a lightning-speed assault craft with light lasers and sharp handling.
  • Over 200 individual weapons, shields and items to equip.
  • Rockets, torpedoes and mines feature special strategic capabilities, such as targeting and firing at opponents or distracting approaching missiles.
  • The “Spell Weapon” – A special weapon with devastating effects akin to those of mythical, magical spells. This weapon will become increasingly versatile throughout the game and it will increase the tactical potential immensely.
  • A vast, simulated universe with inhabited by lively, numerous, completely diverse races, space ships and battle tactics. 
  • Each race features distinctive weapon types with different functions that require appropriate battle strategies. These weapons can be acquired and mounted on the “DarkStar One”.
  • Unlock “Showdown Missions”, for example flying through canyons, speeding over the surface of planets or deftly negotiating the inside of planets.
  • Freedom of choice: Earn credits through fighting, piracy, missions, smuggling, trading, escort duties, bounty hunting…
  • Build a “good” or “bad” status and take advantage of political disputes and alternative missions
  • Elaborate story, unfolding through captivating gameplay and an hour of scene-setting video sequences.


System Requirements:

Windows XP (Service Pack 2) | Intel/AMD 1.6 GHz (2.6 GHz recommended)

512 MB RAM (1024 MB recommended) | 6.5 GB free Hard Disk Space

DVD-ROM | DirectX 9 (included) | 100% DirectX compatible Sound Card

128 MB Graphics Card (256 MB recommended) - DirectX 9 compatible

with Pixel/Vertex shader 1.1 support (3.0 recommended)



Non-standard notebook/laptop graphics chipsets may be incompatible

Title: Darkstar One
Genre: Action, RPG
Developer: Ascaron Entertainment GmbH
Publisher: Strategy First
Released: August 14, 2006
Language: English