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You are the product of human and non-terrestrial technology. You have 4 arms,
that can aim at multiple targets at once. Your skin is implanted, giving it enhanced 
resistance. Your body has steel plates around primary centres, aiming systems, extension 
motorics, and as many as 9 special abilities. Created as a super hero, now you must venture 
out into the city of Prague, which is now overrun with extraterrestrial invaders.You must 
destroy all of them, and discover the true nature of their invasion. The fate of the city, 
and perhaps the whole world rests upon your 4 shoulders. You are a Mutant. 

Mutant is a third person 3D shooter. The main hero is able to use several special abilities 
where the most significant one is the presence of two extra arms. Mutant can hold different guns 
in different hands and he can fire at different targets at once. The player can control one of 
the hands or several hands at once while they aim at a common target. Other hands are automatically 
seeking space around Mutant for any enemies. 

He was born as a quite an ordinary boy in a tiny Czech village. After the death of his parents 
he was bred by his grandmother, a very kind though a bit muddle-headed woman.She would make 
anything for the boy! So when the gentlemen in well-fitting suits came around one day, she didn’t 
hesitate for a moment. Face to face with her own reflection in their black sunglasses, she let 
the boy go with them to a holiday camp. Then she arranged the money into neat packets and hid it 
in a straw mattress. She knew the value of things of this kind. The summer came over. Leaves 
fell off the trees. The snow covered the ground, and the boy never came to the old woman`s mind again. 

The lad wasn’t satisfied with the camp from the very first day. He could get over the loss of 
direct contact with other children, and he could accept the communication with them only by rapping 
out on the wall of cell. He could acquiesce with the camp guiders who were dressed in white gowns 
instead of scout uniforms. On the other hand the attractions disgusted him. They promised him sun, 
water, merry-go-round and lots of fun. It is hard to say what kind of source it was but they surely 
shone something on him. Anyway he grew one meter up and he became much stronger. It was exactly what 
he had always wanted to happen. On the other hand there was lots of pain in it. More than he expected.  

And then, one day after many years, he woke up and unplugged himself from all those beeping-in-panic 
devices. Because he didn’t find anyone in the laboratory he came finally to light. Prague is nice but 
too deserted. The city is almost empty except hordes of strange creatures driven by very simple killing 
philosophy. There are enough enemies for each hand!

Mutant Key Features:

  • 15 different levels
  • The player can control one hand or all 4 hands at once
  • 28 NPCs
  • 8 different guns and 9 special abilities


System Requirements:

Windows XP SP2/Vista
Intel Pentium 4 2 GHz
512 MB RAM
Graphics card with 256MB RAM and pixel shaders 2.0
1 GB hard drive space
Direct X 9.0c
Sound Card
Title: Mutant
Genre: Action, Fantasy
Developer: Napoleon Games
Publisher: Strategy First
Released: September 7, 2007
Language: English