Jutland Ship Pack #2

Jutland - Ship Pack #2

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Developed for the beloved Storm Eagle hit JUTLAND, this 2nd Expansion pack delivers loads of user requested warships such as the famed German Armored Cruiser Blücher and the British WWI era predreadnaught Prince of Whales! Experience the transition from the 1st generation pre-1914 warships to the 2nd generation post-1914 Naval

SHIP PACK 2: DOGGER BANK 1915 expands the reach of JUTLAND into the 1915 era highlighted by the 1st major clash between the German High Seas and British Grand Fleet.

SHIP PACK 2 adds 225 new ships, bringing the JUTLAND Ship Model Database to over 1430 WWI era ships when combined with Ship Pack 1!

Campaign Glory!

As the most requested Expansion, Ship Pack 2: Dogger Bank takes would be Admirals into the 1915 era of the North Sea. While Germany expands to an unrestricted UBoat War, Britain begins replacement of it's out of date warships with ever larger guns and heavier armor. Ship Pack 2: Dogger Bank features an exciting foray into this pivotal period where the modern naval theory was born!

Practically a stand alone game, each campaign in the JUTLAND series puts you in the Admiral of the Navy chair, making sweeping decisions that will affect the WWI North Sea Fleets for the remainder of the war. Repairs, refits, redeployments, patrols, JUTLAND campaigns let you experience all the trials and tribulations of Naval Command!

Campaign 1. Naval Operations Jan-Dec 1915 North Sea - 2 versions*

The campaign of 1915 in the North Sea presents players with new challenges. The fleets are in a constant state of flux as modern ships are upgraded, older ships are withdrawn, and ships from distant theaters return home. In addition, the Germans conduct the first unrestricted submarine campaign.

Britain must thwart Germany's new Uboat offensive. Germany must take the fight to the

* Available in versions with and without British access to Room 40 decoding.

Campaign 2. Naval Operations Jan-Feb 1915 Dogger Bank- 2 versions*

Flush with news of the German "China" squadron over the British vessels Good Hope and Monmouth, the German Admiralty decided to launch their battlecrusier squadron. Its mission, to bombard the British towns of Yarmouth and Lowestoft, in hopes of demoralizing the British subjects. After the German High Seas Fleet sortied, the British Admiralty got wind of it via the newly broken German Naval Code. Britain swiftly launched it's Grand Fleet to intercept. They clashed at an isolated shoal in the North Sea, 60 miles (100km) off the NW coast of England, called Dogger Bank. Germany must shell the British towns. Britain must stop them.

* Available in versions with and without British access to Room 40 decoding


SHIP PACK 2: Dogger Bank includes several stand alone battles featuring the clash at Dogger Bank, as well as other actions in the North Sea 1915. Each battle is playable Stand alone vs the computer AI or Multiplayer.

Partial List:

Vlieland: General fleet action with 1915 fleets off NW Netherlands.

Dogger Bank: Historical battle

Helgoland Bight 1915: Hypothetical, based on 1914 battle.

Channel Dash 1915: German BCs vs. the predreadnoughts of the Channel Fleet

New Ship Classes

Ship Pack 2 delivers the same quality and attention to detail that has been the Hall Mark of the JUTLAND Naval Series. As if you were in a classic naval battle painting, JUTLAND and it's Expansion SHIP PACKS push the limits of high quality, historically accurate, modern naval warfare. The design and detail of each and every ship is painstakingly created with all the love and care of a master model builder. The ships speak for themselves!

Great Britain:

Predreadnought Classes :

Duncan: Albemarle, Cornwallis, Duncan, Exmouth, Russell

London: London, Venerable, Queen, Prince of Wales

Formidable: Formidable, Irresistable, Implacable

Canopus: Albion

Majestic: Hannibal, Illustrious, Jupiter, Majestic, Magnificent, Mars, Prince George, Victorious

Royal Sovereign: Redoubtable

Armored Cruiser Classes :

Drake: Drake, King Alfred, Leviathan

Light Cruisers Classes:

Sentinal: Sentinel, Skirmisher

Pathfinder: Patrol

Forward: Foresight, Forward

Adventure: Adventure, Attentive

Gem: Amethyst, Diamond, Sapphire, Topaze

Pelorus: Proserpine

Eclipse: Diana, Doris, Eclipse, Isis, Juno, Minerva, Talbot, Venus

Astraea: Charybdis

Apollo: Sirius

Monitor Classes:

Humber: Humber, Mersey, Severn


Apollo: Andromache, Apollo, Intrepid, Iphigenia, Latona, Naiad, Thetis

Princess Irene: Princes Irene, Princess Margaret


Armored Cruiser Classes:

Blücher: Blücher

Roon: Roon, Yorck

Prinz Adalbert: Friedrich Carl, Prinz Adalbert

Prinz Heinrich: Prinz Heinrich

Light Cruiser Classes:

Kolberg: Kolberg

Ownership of the JUTLAND PRO Edition is required for this Expansion.


System Requirements:

Windows: 7, XP, Vista
Processor: AMD Athelon or Intel Equivalent
Memory: 1 GB Ram min
Graphics: NVIDIA 3D card or Equivalent

Title: Jutland - Ship Pack 2
Genre: Strategy, Simulation, Wargames
Developer: Storm Eagle Studios
Publisher: Storm Eagle Studios
Released: April 1, 2011
Language: English