Jutland Ship Pack #1

Jutland - Ship Pack #1

Price: $24.99

Ship Pack 1: US North Sea 1916-17

Storm Eagle Studios is proud to present the first Expansion Pack for it's award winning WWI Naval Game JUTLAND!

This first Expansion of the JUTLAND series, introduces the US Naval forces operated in the Atlantic during WWI. Crafted in stunning detail, the gorgeous 3D ships are historically accurate as only the Storm Eagle team deliver!

Magnificent lines of battleships, belching huge columns of black smoke, grace the horizon as dawn presents a new chance at victory! The JUTLAND series has produced an unparalleled naval simulation, complete with realistic hull damage, Real World-Ballistics, and a gaming environment 2nd only to the real thing.

SHIP PACK 1 increases the JUTLAND Ship Model Database to over 1140 WWI era ships!

Campaign Glory!

Play as the Allies or Germany

The SHIP PACK 1 campaigns are practically a stand alone game. The JUTLAND series puts you in command of the Admiralty, balancing the situation in your theater of operations with the political pressures of the moment. Repairs, refits, redeployments, patrols, the JUTLAND series of WWI Naval campaigns let you experience all the trials and tribulations of Naval Command!

Each of the campaigns feature play with and without the Allied code breakers called Room 40. Combined with the ability to play both sides, each Ship Pack 1 campaign includes a total of 4 variations, totaling 8 in all.

Campaign 1:

Hypothetical 1916 Campaigns - US Early Entry into WWI for the ALLIES.

If they US entered WWI in 1916 instead of 1917, could the Allies have forced a swift and decisive end to the war?

This campaign is set against the backdrop of a much larger outcry of US public opinion against Germany's unrestricted Uboat war.

Campaign 2:

Hypothetical 1916 Campaigns - US Early Entry into WWI for GERMANY!*

What if the US sided with Germany in WWI? How would the Allies cope with a doubling of the enemy fleet?

Could the British Admiralty thwart the all out Uboat war against Allied shipping with the US fleet now siding with Germany? This fresh approach to - What If - historical gaming serves up a unique view into alternate history time lines.

* Available in versions with and without British access to Room 40 decoding


SHIP PACK 1 includes 5 stand alone battles that can be played in one sitting. Each battle is playable Stand alone vs the computer AI or Multiplayer.

SHIP PACK 1 is FULLY Compatible with the JUTLAND Pro Edition scenario editor. All of the US Ships can be setup on the side of the Allies and Germany.

Additional user created scenarios are available for download at many fan sites!

New Ship Classes

SHIP PACK 1 expands the total JUTLAND ship database to 1140 WWI era warships, including many refit variations

8 Ship Classes - 43 New Ships

Representing elements of the 1916-17 US Atlantic Fleet operating in the North Sea.

Eight (8) new classes of Dreadnought era warships greatly expand the available JUTLAND

Era Ships to almost 1000! All ships are highly detailed and historically researched.

Battleship Classes New York, Wyoming, Florida, Delaware

Destroyers Classes Obrien, Cassin, Monaghan, Paulding

Ownership of the JUTLAND PRO Edition is required for this Expansion.


System Requirements:
Windows: 7, XP, Vista

Processor: AMD Athelon or Intel Equiv
Memory: 1 GB Ram min
Graphics: NVIDIA 3D card or Equivalent
Title: Jutland - Ship Pack 1
Genre: Strategy, Simulation, Wargames
Developer: Storm Eagle Studios
Publisher: Storm Eagle Studios
Released: September 1, 2010
Language: English